Shubie Park




DURATION: 6hrs return

USES: Running, Walking, Biking, X-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing


AMENITIES: Washrooms, Picnic Tables, Benches, Duck Pond, Dog Park




X-COUNTRY SKI TRAILS: Lake Charles Trail (9kms return)

LOCATION: Port Wallace, Dartmouth, NS B2X 2M1

VIEW MAP: Shubie Park Map

DESCRIPTION: Shubie Park is the gem of Dartmouth, with Lake MicMac on one end and Lake Charles on the other. The park covers 40 acres, with vibrant and varying trails leading along the water and through the dense forest of evergreens and foliage. A popular destination for dog owners, your pet will love to roam the trails and socialize with other dogs. The park gets its name from a portion of the Shubenacadie Canal which runs through the park, an old set of locks used for transportation of goods during the 1800s. During the mid 1700s, the trees on this piece of land were used to make masts for the Royal Navy ships.

Nova Nordic Ski Club runs out of Shubie Park during the winter months. The nordic ski and biathlon club grooms the Lake Charles Trail and perhaps elsewhere for both classic and skate skiing. The Fairbanks Centre is available as a warm-up and lunch shelter. Membership is $40 per person or $60 per family. Contact Nova Nordic Ski Club for more information: 902-446-7161.